Due to COLEGIO NUEVA GRANADA’s continued confidence in IPS-ICAL (Fundación para el Niño Sordo), we will be offering eye and ear exams on school premises for the second year in a row. These exams will be offered between May 8th and May 24th.

These exams are done by a specialist in speech therapy specialized in audiology.
• Otoscopy: Determines the state of the outer ear and tympanic membrane, detects wax buildup, or foreign objects.
• Audiometric tonal testing via airway: Determines levels of hearing using frequencies and tonal intensities. This exam is for children who are over 3 years of age.
• Tympanometry: Taking into account that preschool is the stage with the most incidence of ear infections, it is necessary to determine the functionality of the inner ear. This exam is done to all students whose evaluation suggests an alteration in the inner ear.

These exams are done by an Optometrist – orthoptist.
• Visual acuity: Determines the visual acuity each child has.
• External exam: Evaluates the exterior parts of the eye (eyelids, eyelashes, conjunctiva, etc.)
• Motor exam: Detects the presence of deviations and alterations of the ocular muscles.
• Refraction: Determines the presence or not of a refractive defect (far sightedness, near sightedness and/or astigmatism, etc.)
• Ophthalmoscopy: Evaluates the retina and the clear gel of the eye
• Chromatic vision exam: Determines the presence of colorblindness
• Stereopsis exam: Determines alterations in vision depth

You will be able to sign-up for the exam or exams and pay until May 30th

These are the steps you need to follow:
1. You need to sign-up by filling out a form. If your child does not have any previous issues please type in the word “NINGUNO”.
2. Make your payment online. Once the payment is received, you will receive an email notification letting you know that the payment was received. This guarantees that your child has been signed up.

After the exams have been performed, you will receive a link: www.icalcolombia.org/examenes. Through the link, you will be able to see the results by typing in your email address and your child's ID.

If you have any issues signing up or seeing the exam results, please contact us at examenes@icalcolombia.org

If your questions are related to the diagnosis, you can call us and talk to the professional who performed the evaluation. The name of the person who performed the exam is at the bottom of the results.

Through our website, you will be able to follow your child’s auditory and visual history. Every time your child's gets an exam done by ICAL, no matter the institution they will be studying at, we will include it in their clinical history.

Signing up for these exams with ICAL will not only benefit your child; it will also allow Fundación ICAL to continue providing a better future for underprivileged children who have a disability.

IPS ICAL Bogotá: Cra. 7C #122-22 Pbx: 213 5040 • Colegio Campestre ICAL Chía Pbx: 862 6562